Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Five Faces of Billy Boy…

…does anyone remember Fry´s Five Boys Chocolate?  The wrapper was printed with five pictures of a boy in different emotional states, from being very unhappy to being over-joyed at receiving the chocolate bar.  I forget the details, but when I took the following pictures of our little dog today, I thought I could try something similar, just for fun.  I had (once again) managed to magic trick away his favourite thing in life – his ball.  He studies me so hard and he knows I´ve just played a trick on him.  Mostly, he is so sharp that I can´t do it these days but today I managed to palm the ball up a long sleeve, right in front of his eyes.  So the first picture would be:

DSCF2042Shock!  She did it again!

DSCF2046Disgusted, that she could pull that old trick again.

DSCF2044Disinterested- it may amuse you but not me!

DSCF2045Pleading – you have still got it haven´t you?

DSCF2041I hate you & until you return it I am not speaking to you at all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh billy is such a lovely dog... I adore these pictures :D! how is he doing? and how are you doing?
just discovered your blog... i would love to see u two again!!
lots of love, Susi