Saturday, 25 December 2010

Weekly Photo Roundup…

….I decided to make my photos part of a regular schedule of postings next year, so here is the first one:

In front of our cottage, we have a fire pit.  In summer, fires cause havoc and much environmental damage in Portugal, so it is vital for any fires that one lights, to be safely contained.

This picture shows the fire pit in use, as it was intended:


This one, taken just a few days later, shows the effect of torrential rain on our pit.  At least someone appreciated it!:


Last night, the pit was still too wet to use, so S. used our brazier instead.  I love the movement of the flames and will probably use these pictures to practise drawing fire:




The next is a bit of a weird one; let it be a warning that if you stick your nose in my face when I´m holding a camera, I may colour it yellow and post it on my blog!:


Persimmons, Sharon Fruit or, as they are known in Portugal, Diasporas make wonderfully ornamental trees in the winter, when then brightly coloured fruit stands out from otherwise bare trees.  This one, nicely situated by a traditional well, caught my eye when I was out the other day:


I was also attracted to the Hawthorne berries, as are the local bird population:


These last pictures are in the series “Play of Light” that I have been working on:




These final two are my favourites actually.  I was amazed to be able to capture the light on the raindrops through the curtain in the way I was actually seeing it.  The first one looks like tiny stars and the second, out of focus, breaks the light into almost geometric shapes:



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