Monday, 1 January 2007

Face of Steel

I was definitely in the mood for mind-maps on our marathon journey through France to the UK. This one was done after the Face of Steel gig in Rotherham. Hawkwind were on fantastic form and we had a brilliant afternoon / evening.

The venue, Steel Magna, was awe-inspiring. It struck me as poignant that the only way the local community make a living from their former steel industry is to make the old workplace a tourist attraction.

The building was freezing cold. This turned my thoughts back again to the solstice and to the way winter freezes everything in ice so it can prepare for the the next coming of spring. The strong, vertical lines of the building reminded me of the rune "IS", which is a single vertical line, like the letter "I" and represents things at a standstill - frozen.

How I overcame the "First Page" anxiety

This is the first entry in my new journal, dated 17th December. I completed the mind-map in the car during our drive from Alsace, through Eurotunnel, en route to Rotherham, UK, for the Hawkwind "Face of Steel" gig.

It shows my thoughts turning to the winter solstice and the realm of the Stone Hallow and Stone family (my Arthurian tarot cards). The Goddess in her many forms was making a clear presence and I was particularly struck with the statue of Europa at the Eurotunnel, Calais end. The little figure, half woman, half scorpion, was inspired by a beautiful picture of Selkhet shown to me by our friend Chantel. She said it was the only positive image she'd ever seen for those of us born under the sign of Scorpio. It was in a book by Jose Olivier called Hybrides Dieux Oubles.