Sunday, 19 December 2010

“Mini” Flippers Art Journal Project …

…one thing that an enforced break from the internet (due to local  “technical difficulties!) allows, is plenty more time for creative work.  I have been very busy in a number of areas.  Mainly, trying to forward plan a little around what I want to do and what I intend to get out of 2011.  Planning has always been a weak area for me but I intend to finally lick this problem next year.

Those of you who have been loyal enough to hang on whilst I get myself back to blogging, may be curious to see whether I did start to do anything with the Flippers Study Cards, that I wrote about here.  Well yes, I certainly have and they have ensured that I am doing something artsy-craftsy every single day.  There are two months worth of cards on one ring and I have two of them, so enough to keep me going, well into the new year.

The idea was the sort familiar to many of you who tend to let your journals evolve through spontaneity i.e. I had no idea that I was going to end up doing this when I decided to create something.  Check out the picture below, which shows the spring-board for the idea.


I decided to get a bit of board I had in my card stash and the intention was to experiment on it with my water-colour pencils.  Then, the music I was listening to on the headphones (Spyweirdos – For Children To Play), totally got into my head and distracted me from that intention.  I started to think the phrase “ever expanding universe” and decided to use a stencil I have to draw some spirals.  Then I thought that I would stick on the bit of red card in the right corner and…

…that´s where I got stuck in a way I hadn´t intended.  I didn´t have any glue, so what did I have to hand to fasten the piece to the board?  I started riffling through the stationery drawer where I was sat and eventually I found loads of things that I could have used.  The first thing I found however was these Flippers, that I had bought to help me learn standard Tarot card meanings and had never used.  I thought to myself that the ring would be a way of making a join between the two cards.  Only then did I realised that the cards were like a miniature journal, their blank pages calling to me to expand outside my usual way of thinking and doing things.

After some more experimentation with other stationery objects that I found, I realised that the limitation imposed on me by not having glue and the limitation I had imposed on myself, by not wanting to get up, had forced me to find new uses for things like airmail stickers, photo stickers, bluetak, an elastic band and an unwanted parcel decoration.  I was fired up and this is when I wrote “You Have Everyting (freudian slip!) That You Need … Clearly”.

I decided to colour all the cards with my watercolour pencils, as a background for whatever I might like to put on top of it.  The picture below shows all the cards after painting.


And the next one shows some of my favourites and the first page I completed.


And here are some more of the painted pages and a completed one that says it all!


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