Wednesday, 22 December 2010

“Possibilities” Round-Up…

…I have been toying with the idea of changing this blog, so that, instead of being completely random entries, I would follow the format of some other bloggers and have regular slots for different kinds of posts.  The reason behind this is that I am seeking more organisation in my life and am working on my very poor planning skills next year.  Having a regular posting schedule gives me a structure to work with and goals to aim for.  I intend that it will also have the benefit of making my posts a little more interesting.  Well, we´ll see.

My intention for one regular post, would be to round up the creative ideas that I´ve been jotting down.  I´ve titled this “Possibilities” rather than “Ideas” because of the Osho Zen Tarot, Two of Fire (Wands), a card that I have been working with.  I don´t want to take this post off on too much of a tangent by explaining the significance of this card to me right now,  I will put that into another post very soon.

If you are anything like me, you will have far more ideas for projects, “to do” lists, things to make etc. than you could ever actually complete.  I may actually do only a fraction of those things on my list below.  If any of my readers feel inspired enough by one of my ideas to actually create something with it, I would be delighted.  It would be lovely if you do, that you share a link with me to a post showing what you did with it.

The period from Samhain to Solstice has been a massively creative time for me and I have felt it necessary to carry a notebook with me everywhere, to try to capture as much as possible of what is in my head.  So here goes with the list:

  • Create a piece dedicated to the Goddess Freya, who I´ve decided is my personal, Patron of Arts!  I have a page from an old journal that I´d like to start with.  It has, in small letters at the top of the page “What would it mean to have Freya as a Patron?”  Then I wrote, very large, in the centre of the page, FREYA, in a fancy, curly script that I was experimenting.with.  I would like to work some meaning into this by turning it into a very colourful and creative piece.
  • Make a “Labyrinth” art journal.  I was looking for a topic suitable for my first altered book journal and, as I am really into labyrinths and already know a fair bit on the subject, I thought this would make an excellent theme.
  • Remember Sesame Street?  Of course you do!  The programme used to be “brought to you by…” a letter of the alphabet and a number.  This was a spring-board for me to take a letter (in my case ´L´ ) and list loads of L-words and L-entries from my various A-Z reference books.  It was great fun and I thought would be another interesting theme for an art journal. 
  • Make my own planner calendar pages.  This is because planner inserts are now really expensive and they are so boring too.  This is a project that I am going to do in the run up to New Year, as I currently have no 2011 calendar ready to use.
  • I want to make a planner for myself using those Flipper pages that I have been creating the mini-art on.  I thought that if I had three sets of cards, one would form the diary, one my addresses and stored information, and the third would be for me to jot down ideas.  I would have to make a custom, three-ring binder for this, which may be a little ambitious. 
  • Make a small booklet on Healthy Eating Ideas, especially those suitable for a busy lifestyle and include my own recipe ideas.  This is an idea for a gift for my son and daughter-in-law.

That´s the round of for now.  I´ll finish with a picture of an accordion book project that I made into a birthday card for my son.  It´s too personal to show you the finished article but what I did was cut out photos from his childhood to stick on the right-hand page, and put some witty, appropriate words on the left-hand page.  I finished with a reminder to him to “Stop and smell the flowers!” and this page had a cute picture of him as a toddler, holding and smelling an enormous tulip.  I was very pleased with the finished article as I had never done anything like this before.


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