Monday, 13 December 2010

Been having fun with these...


Sorry, you can´t really count this as a post - it´s just to let you know that I´m alive really! Having those dreaded PC and internet problems, so service is intermittent to say the least.

Whilst it´s being sorted out, I have been occupied with these cute little study cards on a key ring. I decided to make a miniature art journal with it, using the theme of Limitation, Using What I Have and I Have Everything That I Need. It´s been fun. Hopefully, I will be able to post about it properly very soon.


Sanna said...

Hey :)
Looking forward to pics of them. :)
Have a wonderful Solstice.

Vipera Kernewes said...

Thanks Sanna.

You will see that I finally got around to making an update on that project, which I am really enjoying.

Thanks for your Solstice greetings and I send Yuletide blessings your way too!