Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Most recent Journal Pages…

…I´d thought I would just say a little about each page – what worked the way I wanted it to and what didn´t.  Just bear in mind that I am just beginning and experimenting with beginner´s wild abandon and also that I have not been out and purchased either new paper or new materials.  I am working with the bits and pieces I have collected over the years, which is by no means specialist.  This is really stretching the old creative muscle (where is that exactly?) and it is a good excuse for me not worrying about what I might otherwise have called, “mistakes”.


The Asphyx

As soon as I saw this old Psychic TV poster, I wanted to try working in sepia tones.  The brown in the top left is my freehand drawing, copied from a pattern on my hot water bottle (inspiration, really is everywhere lol).  I do like the effect of sticking down the little bits from my old journals where the binder fastened the paper.  However, it was a royal pain to do because I am very messy with glue and I don´t even have the right sort.  Originally, I was going to use a marker and write in the little boxes but then I decided to try and write tiny on the white parts (stained with tea).  The bits I stuck down was sawdust from the firewood I was helping S. to saw up that day.  It wasn´t a great success with the glue I have as it is dropping everywhere.



The inspiration for this one came because I wanted to look up Cosmic Tarot pictures on google but by accident, I typed just Cosmic.  I got some wonderful images with great titles such as Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Harmony, Cosmic Evolution and Cosmic Belt.  I decided to use this printout as the background.  The silver foil was a tiny bit I was going to throw out,  I was pleased how it took on the purple colour.  I also liked the old pill packet in the top left.  I squirted some rather thick, old glitter glue in each section and I fancied it looked like cosmic space pills!


Let Go

This one has a printout from Effy Wild on the Wild Precious blog.  It was so inspirational when I read it yesterday and I have been writing variations on this theme in my journals for a while.  It captured my mood perfectly.  I did this one quite a lot quicker.  The larger ones are taking me hours and I do hope I will get quicker with practising more.  The border is old journals cut up and coloured with my Ferby pencils – the one bit of my art equipment that I can recommend. 


Blue / Orange Colour Breathing

Unfortunately, the photo does not show the colour orange much.  The right-hand background is a print of marigolds from my garden and is much more vivid then it looks.  The border is coloured shapes from old journals.  I spent ages last night with felt tips and Ferby pencils, colouring in random cut-ups.  You can see the result below.  I like the blend of shapes and colours in today´s journal page and, as the text says, I was pleased with the colour effects.


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