Friday, 24 December 2010

Osho Zen Tarot Reading…

…I know I decided a few months back to move all tarot related posts onto my Hallowquest blog.  Now I am going back on that decision because I am looking to simplify in several areas in 2011.  So reluctantly, I have decided to let my other blog lapse.  I wasn´t updating it very often anyway.

I now plan to follow the example of many other bloggers and have a different type of post on each day of the week.  And once a week, I will post a tarot or other divination-related item.  There´s a commitment!!!

The picture below, shows my workings on my latest tarot reading:


I was listening to the Osho Laughing Drums album and totally loving it.  I was feeling a great rise of energy and was dancing around the room.  In fact, I defy anyone to listen to this spontaneous drumming meditation and not dance!!!  It inspired me to get out the Osho Zen cards for a quick reading.

I used the layout format that I discovered in the Hallowquest book by Caitlín and John Matthews.  It´s very simple and effective for a daily reading.  All it is is a Major Arcana card provides the Teacher, a court card is the Guide and a Minor Arcana is the current Lesson.  I actually drew just the 3 of Fire but, as I am still having difficulties in understanding the difference between the 2 and 3, I fished out the 2 as well and put them side by side.

I saw that the Master card, number 22 (and unique to this deck), showed me that I had an opportunity for a breakthrough in a number of issues that I am dealing with.  Osho says about this card that by following the Master, we have the chance to get out of the loop that sees us going around the same scenarios in life, over and over again.  I felt the Fire energy, raised by my dancing and also the shift of energy because S. and I were having a big clean-up of our living space, ready for a Solstice party with friends.  I felt that as the dust was settling (literally) I was offered a new perspective on my life.

As soon as I saw the Playfulness card (Knight of Wands equivalent), I thought of Otter from my Samhain reading – ´nuff said!

The 3 of Fire shows a woman “Experiencing” life.  Compared with the 2 it shows the “Possibilities” of things we could experience.  For the 2, I wrote “Creativity, this is my Domain and I Love It!” and for the 3, I wrote “Living the Dream”.  With this deck, can see a clear difference between the two cards, that I still find difficult in the classic RWS.  It is my determination, that I will get these two cards next year, if it is the only tarot study I do!!!

BTW, I will get around to posting shorting details of my “Possibilities” Journal (aka Ideas Journal), that I have now embellished.  It has the 2 of Fire on the front cover and 3 of Fire on the back cover.

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