Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Breaking the long silence

My first entry for six months. It was hard to start again after a life changing 3 months in India. Somehow, this blog has become secondary to real life.

I realise that I started writing for the wrong reasons - attention seeking I call it. Now I understand what sensible people already know - the computer and internet are just tools. In future, my entries will be for my own pleasure and interest. If it so happens that someone reads them and finds them interesting too, so much the better. However, they will be as sporadic or profuse as the journal entries they are based on. Only when they supplement or add to something I am working on, I will use them.

My journal has become much more creative and open this year, and particularly since getting back from India last month. People who have spent any time there already know just what an effect the place has on you. I feel I am being re-made.