Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mini-art Update…

…Here are the Flippers pages that I have created so far:


The first one was inspired by music that I was listening to; For Children to Play by Spyweirdos.  It´s really messy (thankfully, I managed to disguise the hole I made in the paper!) but hey! get over it.  I´m having fun!


This one evolved from some tiny scraps of card that I´d torn up and were going to throw away.


A haiku dedicated to my friend, who I swim with twice a week.


A quote from my only “exercise” book, although really it´s more about a way of life.  This is about Chi Kung, which I have recently started to re-introduce into my daily practise.


The first of a number of pages that use words from packaging.  This one from a wholefood bag.  Life is Beautiful is the translation of a vida é bela, in Portuguese.


A bit hard to read, this says “…Steal the fire from the gods and remake the innerverse in the image of the outerverse…”  This page because I am working with the Wands (fire) in my tarot study.


Another packaging page.  Cem Porcento means 100% and I was really having one hundred per cent fun!


The “6mins” is a tag from a tea bag.  It is a reminder to myself to take care of my needs and that all I need to do is take a series of short time periods throughout the day, to carry out little creativity and self-loving exercises i.e. flossing (!!!), Chi Kung, and mini-art.


Yet another packaging page.  I love the way these little clippings jump out at me from a piece of package that I was just going to put into the bin!  They make the page for the day virtually create itself.


This last one is from my favourite witchcraft book.  Montol is the Cornish word for Winter Solstice and this is a chant from a Montol ritual. 

Solstice Blessings to you all!

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