Thursday, 25 November 2010

Art Journal pages…

…this is the first one I tried using my newly developing style.  I apologise for the quality.  I could not scan it because I made it on larger than A4 paper.  The green and white circle in the centre says “Recycle”, as my main discovery was that, by editing my old journals, I have plenty of material to create something new and more “current me”. 


The red background came from the cover of my Dad´s old Grocer´s Manual which inspired me a couple of days ago.  I think I would like to try an altered book project with it sometime but, as it has sentimental value and is a very thick tome, I will have to practice on something smaller first. 

One acknowledgement I must give is to Teesha´s Circus because when I saw one particular page from her own art journal, here, I had to take out my materials and getting cracking straight away.  The observant among you will spot that I cut out and recycled part of her border and a couple of her phrases which I think fitted well.  Thank you Teesha.

I feel a great creative surge at the moment and I had to write a list of projects “to do” to stop me firing off in too many directions.  Now I have the ideas written down, I can concentrate on the run up to Yule, which always seems to advance at super speed once my birthday is out of the way.

The next page is the one I did yesterday.  I like the light / dark contrast between the two pages. 


I especially like the way the few lines from an old journal I pasted in the bottom left corner, ended up looking like an alien hand when I drew I line around it.  I emphasised this with a quote from a Younger Brother track, The Finger:

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