Sunday, 28 November 2010

Inspiration from the Grocers Manuel…

…I can´t make up my mind just yet, what exactly I should do with my Father´s course-book.  Cutting it up may be traumatic.  So would taking gesso to the pages and making an altered book from it.  The book is so thick that I would have to cut out loads of pages.  I´m not sure if that is a feasible idea.

I did wonder if other art journallers would be interested in doing a swop of some of these pages for some of their trading material.  Just a thought…

Here are a few scans of the book.  The first one, I tried altering to black and white but it didn´t improve readability.  I´m afraid my scanner / printer is a bit basic for this sort of thing.


image0-1 image0-2
image0-3 image0-4

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