Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Otter Guides…

…prospective Art Journaller. 


Since drawing the Otter card at Samhain, I´ve been wondering how and when I would feel her influence.  Now I definitely feel it.  I am bursting with creative inspiration and I´m really keen to develop my own style of art journal.

I have been checking out some really inspirational stuff at Daisy Yellow and Teesha´s Circus and also Mother Henna and Jamie Ridler.  I have to resist the urge to go on a spending binge for new materials and trust that I have everything I need to start right here.  It´s part of the process of celebrating my abundance.

The picture above, with Otter, is the front page of my Father´s text book from when he studied as a grocer.  It is from 1950, before I was born.  Like many old, yet not valuable books, it is full of interesting ephemera and odd facts.  I have been toying with throwing it out for a long time, but held back purely because of my Dad´s signature inside the cover.  It seemed too personal to him and I have precious little left of his things.  Now I just realised that it would make excellent material for my new journal.  It justifies me hanging on to it and I know Dad wouldn´t have minded me cutting it up, provided I was creating something new from it.

I want to have a go with some wacky writing directly onto this photocopy as soon as I´ve finished my chores for the day.


gypsy said...

Oh my! I'd love to see the insides of the book, so intriguing! Looking forward to seeing what you'll create.

Vipera Kernewes said...

Tammy, I just put a few pages from the manual up, here:


Do you think any journallers would trade with this material? Would you?