Sunday, 7 November 2010

More work with my Dark Moon Altar…

…things on my altar tend to get moved around as I work with the energy I am experiencing, in an intuitive way.


Work in Progress on a Spell, Prosperity Oil and Scorpio Space Aroma from Starchild in Glastonbury.


Kali with Lady Nada, Aura Soma Quintessence.


Dr. Usui, Reiki Healing Requests envelope & Witches´ Protection Bottle


Porcelain doll represents healing the past: inner child relationship with my parents.  Also, protective owl guardians from Cornwall, my I-Ching box and magickal box.


A magickal working between my Rosalite and Green Quartz crystal to aid me with “balance” and “letting go”.  On a base of 8, inward pointing, single terminated quartz (8 for the Wheel of the Year and the Spider Woman), rests a coil of copper wire (Nathair, the Adder, representing Self).  On top of that is a broken spoon, blackened with candle soot, containing a drop of Prosperity Oil, a drop of Scorpio Space Aroma and a drop of Lady Nada Quintessence.  As well as being a potent magickal potion, the glossy oils against the sooty base, form an excellent Dark Mirror for scrying.

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