Sunday, 3 December 2006

My little hag stone takes a trip

I really like this picture of my hag stone, looking like a demon on acid.

I found the stone at Totland Bay, Isle of Wight. In fact I found several at the same place, but have given away all the others decorated with runes.

This one has survived in my little bag of tricks - my Durga bag. Only recently have I found its' true use.

It looks so like a skull, with the eye holes in the correct position - you can look right through from one side to the other. I was able to find comfort in wearing it (hence the silver spiral around it) during the recent period leading up to my Mother's death last month. So it helped me literally to face Death head on.

It's other use, and the reason "hag" stones got their name, is for clear-sight - a vision into the other world. When in the right frame of mental focus, I can look through the "eye sockets", into other dimensions.

It's a powerful tool, that I respect greatly. I am yet to discover it's name though - something suitably demonic, given it's current guise in the photograph.
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