Sunday, 10 December 2006

I want to Paint

These are some sketches I did for a painting I would like to create; trouble is, I don't know anything about painting and have no idea where to start.

The theme is a stylised me (plenty of artistic licence here!), surrounded by my 9 totem animals. They are in the 4 cardinal directions plus within, above, below, left and right. I had this idea of Wolf howling at the moon; night sky becoming day, merging into water with Dolphin and Beaver, the stream running down below the roots of the tree and opening to another world below, wherein Elk resides. I've seen many paintings that successfully combine day and night, this world and the Otherworld etc. that inspire me, but I need some help to get this to work.
I also can't work out how to get Turtle and Lynx to hold my hand. It just looks weird.

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