Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Cassandra Eason - I salute you

Two quotes from "Every Woman A Witch", that have resonance for me at this moment:

"The old spells of the countryside talk of love, health, money and happiness, and were practised by ordinary people, especially women, everywhere. These have been lost from the everyday world, and the Wiccan movement, with its formal practice of witchcraft, has ironically taken the magic away from the lives of the majority, by its emphasis on obscure gods and strange rituals."

"The repealing of the Witchcraft Act in 1951 led to the establishment of Wicca, the formal practice of witchcraft. However, this is a mixed blessing, for although Wicca is a form of nature worship with many ecological strengths, it divorces natural magic from everydaylife. Most women do not wish to practise formal rites in secret, again handing superior power to high priestesses and priests, and learning rituals created by others that are not the magic of the hearth, the home and the bed."


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