Monday, 11 December 2006

Hail! King

This is a mind-map I made last night during a visualisation of the Grail King of my Arthurian Tarot (King of Cups in more traditional packs).
It's strange the way I am working with my tarot at the moment. I get a feeling for which card(s) I should be working with and am not selecting them randomly from the pack. Last night I felt a very strong presence of the Grail King and also took from the pack Stone King and the Wounded King. The comment "Are we not the same?", came to mind. The writing in green pencil felt like a male voice: "It's not the same trip" being an observation of a French friend of ours.
Some of the links I was making:
  • Jesus
  • Herne the Hunter / Pan (linked via Thoth to Egypt, Tunisia and my bad back - weird, but there's a story there!). Anyway, I sensed the horned one abroad outside, and so did the dog, who started growling the second my thoughts turned in that direction.
  • For the Wounded King, I thought of gays and men generally, struggling to find out they fit in the world today.
  • N. America and native indian culture, somehow linked to Scotland and Ireland i.e. Celtic culture. I could hear the tribes dancing and celebrating, but the man's voice was clear that he did not want to get married.
  • Then I heard jazz music and wandered off to New Orleans and a little vodoo culture.
  • A thought for those guys getting ready to volunteer for CRISIS at Christmas (a little plug here for everyone who works so hard for such a great cause Especially for the "Green Badges" - you know who you are!!
  • I then went off to "Faery Glen" - actually, the visualisation was of the beautiful, candle-lit and crystal adorned grotto, created by the Lost Horizons tribe at Eartheart, Bridport, England, September 2003 - what a week that was!
  • Then there were reminders about using my Bach Remedies - Walnut is a very useful one, but I have not tried Aspen before.
  • "Pour the Waters" is a reference to the "The Healing Book of Waters" and the Goddess Nut standing by the Tree of Life and pouring water into the mouth and hands of another figure.

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