Monday, 18 October 2010

Relaxing weekend in Fundão…

Feeling good after a restful weekend with friends in Fundão.   Good company, a perfectly barbequed trout, some vintage home made wine, something to vape and all in a wonderful location, with sunny, open views to the mountains of Serra da Gardunha.  OK, we were woken early on Sunday morning by a tractor ploughing around our camper but better that than the hunters shooting too close.  The tractor driver went within a foot of our vehicle and even churned the land right in front which made it soft and tricky to get out – how portuguese not to think about such things! 

Last night we left our friends and stayed at the campismo, which was completely dead and very restful.  Bill enjoyed the time playing with the guards´ dog and running through the woods, alternating with plenty of relaxation:

DSCF1692 DSCF1693

The dappled sunlight through the oak trees made me want to take inconsequential pictures, just to explore the effects.  I particularly love the colour of the heather that S. picked for me and the colours of my phone case:

DSCF1676 DSCF1678
DSCF1680 DSCF1682

This morning, we walked down to Fundão´s Monday market and bought cabbage plants, an apricot tree and some spring bulbs.  I have put in half of the cabbages but needed a break.  As well as the rest of the gardening jobs to finish, I have some quinces, apples, tomatoes, chillies and chestnuts to process but that will definitely not be today, or I´ll never get around to cooking dinner.

Our camper is still not right but we hope that this time it is only something minor.  Some vehicles turn out to give such a deal of problems but I suppose that being over 20 years old, it is not surprising!

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