Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Changing perceptions of witches…

The following is reproduced from Green Witch Garden, with the permission of the author, who does not wish to be named:

Some witches are heartily dismayed by the image of the green faced snaggle toothed Walt Disney style witch... and some get downright angry at other witches for even wearing a pointy hat. I agree that there is an unfortunate image (thanks to Disney)... but why not work in small ways to change that. After all, none of us are ugly nor evil.

Most of us look like everyone else in our community: tall, short, thin, fat, in all hair and skin colors. We work. We shop . We work at food pantries and contribute to charities. We have children and grandchildren . And because of our beliefs we are most often trustworthy and valued members of our community.

Most of us probably have a pointy hat or two ...we all know it is a symbol for the cone of power... but I love them because they are beautiful and they remind me that I am special sometimes when I forget. I have a whole collection of them for every season. I use them as seasonal decor in the house most of the time (too pretty to hide in the closet) and wear them at private events ; but Halloween is the only time of the year when you can wear one in public and get a smile. So why not show the public that witches don't have to be green and disfigured.

When the winetouring witches (pictured at the top of this post) knocked on the door of a local vintner, he didn't miss a beat. He said in mock dismay "have you come to spoil the wine?" and we said "No, we've come to bless it" (and we had a prepared blessing to give at each winery). It was great fun and now the wineries look forward to our visit each year.

Sometimes we walk the streets (or go to Halloween Trunk Shows) on Halloween with a basket of GOOD apples and give them to the children who are with their parents, exchanging holiday wishes. (this works in small towns... maybe not in the city). You don't have to come out of the closet, just offer an alternative image of what witches really can be.

It is a small step to changing perceptions...

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