Friday, 26 March 2010

Goddess 2 of Cups

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Another of my typical, chaotic journal pages. Once the words start to flow, I tend to turn the book around to fill up every available space, rather than turn over the page and risk breaking my line of thought.

Only trouble is, when I look back over entries like this I frequently have problems reading what I´ve written. So for my future self, here is what I wrote:

Pink - romantic love. She´s blushing - a knowing young woman. She knows that he only has eyes for her; while her eyes are looking above the physical plain she sees him fixed on. His hooded, pink cape, a sexual reference. She holds back on the second Venus cup - what he is really after. Yet he has his hand over hers on the raised cup - he dominates her in the physical realm.

The waters of their emotional life flows between them. The bridge of pink stone - like the Bridge of Sighs - shows a loss - something they are giving up on - their individual dreams? The full moon illuminates, suggesting they are at the fulfilment or culmination of something. Her eyes appear to glance at the fireflies in the moonlight, showing that she sees the magickal in this moment.

What should be a poplar tree from a romantic garden, looks in my drawing like angel´s wings on a cherubic young girl - her, all innocence to set against his lust.

Why I think she is blushing, is that she knows that she has what he wants but that she is consciously holding back on it. And why does she old back? Answer: because it doesn´t suit HER needs right now.

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