Saturday, 13 March 2010

FAQ About Time Travel

 This is my journal from last night. I was watching the film "Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel" and it sparked off a number of thoughts that I wanted to capture. I rather liked the "thinking cap" and it was funny that I drew it with an on/off switch - seeing as I can never turn my thoughts off for more than a few seconds!

I became a bit obsessed with trying to identify the symbol on t-shirt of Mark Wootton´s character, Toby. I think the shape is a dodecahedron, but what is the significance of the numbers? The crossed bones really made me think this was a skull and crossbones design at first glance. Anyhow, I´ve tried researching it and failed so, if anyone else can fill me in on this, I´d be most grateful.
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The "blobs" are from a purple candle I lit, dedicated to Hekate and the waning moon. I thought they looked like violet petals, which were on my mind due to my conversation with JT. My altar was dedicated to her, her mother, JL and all the "crones".

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