Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Energy & Serendipity

It struck me very clearly that I always have very strong creative energy at this time of year. There is a clear pattern and I finally got that I need to work with it when it kicks in. I call it Freya energy and this is an ideal time for me to start an art challenge.

I was only thinking of Traci Bunkers yesterday, and then today she posted one of her regular Get Your Art On challenges and I thought "hey, I should do this.  The timing is particularly perfect because I have just decided to go back to weekly classes in a local atelier and I need to get regular, daily practise. I sort of ran away the the art studio about a year ago because I lost confidence in my ability.  I forgot that to make progress, you have to make art all the time, bad art, good art.  It doesn't matter, don't be the critic, let someone else play that role - play the artist and keep playing. Makes life much more fun.

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Kara Chipoletti Jones said...

Oh how fun! I'm at a conference for a week this month, so not sure if I can hop in there or not, but looooove the inspiration. Will come by throughout Oct and see what is unfolding for you :)
Miracles to you,