Monday, 1 October 2012

That sums it up well ...

My first entry on Traci Bunkers' Get Your Art On Challenge.

In Traci's own words:
I hope you’ll join me in taking a pledge to make some art every day for 30 days. Decide what you want your rules to be in order for this to be a fun and positive experience for you. Be sure they are realistic and doable so that you aren’t setting yourself up for failure, and then beating yourself up when you break the rules.
My rules for myself are:

  • One and only one new piece of art every day in October. 
  • In addition, I will take one and only one new photograph for a minimum of 15 days in October. This can be the piece of art for the day, if I haven't created anything else.
  • In addition, I will work on completing other projects that I've already started. 
  • Random distractions and monkey brain chatter, will be dumped, as promptly and succinctly as possible, into one of my existing journaling / mapping / capturing tools. 
  • I commit to posting at least 4 blog posts during the month.  They will directly relate to GYAO and will include anything else I think is relevant at the time.
The photograph above is my entry for today, because the warning expresses very succinctly, what I was experiencing at that time: anger and frustration because I couldn't do all the things I want to all at once and because I couldn't have my own way in that moment.  Tell me, how to you get that damn Mastership? We all need to know,  don't we?

I am working with the Freya architype. In the past I may have said, the goddess Freya. Now, I want to keep my spiritual views more private, because in that way, I now know, I will avoid rubbing my own views in the face of those of different views.  My delicate enfolding spiritual core will have a chance to harden before I expose it to be gnawed at.  Whatever - I always like to tune it to those feelings, those aspects of myself that I recognise as Freya.

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