Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stream of Consciousness at Full Harvest Moom

This is where my thinking is heading; so, "I ALWAYS have what I need" at any given moment, any given circumstance. No need to stress, be anxious, fret for something not at hand. Work only on what is to hand at any moment. In this case, my iPad, my sofa, my dog, the full moon light, my smoking bag. So the Internet is really getting boring - at any one time, bored with the endless round of email, Facebook, YouTube, Ravelry ... - Pinterest, Twitter et al. These are all inputs and they bore me. Yet, the iPad is the only tool I have to hand right now.No pen or paper, collage or glue, wool or needles. All I have that I can use, all that is keeping me from my pipe and horizontal on the sofa is the iPad. Even the full moon light is behind me. So I decided, new dog at my side, to capture this moment, just this moment, in my blog. Perhaps it is time for a little output, processing, digesting and reinventing every that I have taken in, have taken in, until now.

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