Friday, 10 September 2010

Moments that make life shine ...

... I´m always on the look-out for little games to play to while away the tedium of jobs that have to be done routinely, such as watering the veg.  This evening, I was planning on giving an empty raised bed a good soak, so I can plant garlic in it tomorrow.  This bed has clay pipes stood in it, to enable water to reach the base of the bed.

I started to fill one of the pipes with water and up popped three of these tiny kermits, only about the length of the first joint of my thumb.  They are so cute. 

I carried on spraying with the hose and they jumped out synchronistically, in three different directions, and up popped a fourth frog... then another... then another!  In all, eight little kermits had been lurking in the pipe.  I enjoyed watching them hop off and it made the chore pass in no time.

As I didn´t happen to have the camera with me at the time, the above photos is from my own "archives".  Taken in 2007, this little green jewel was bold enough to be photographed sitting on my arm.

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