Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This Is the End

I am winding up this blog but hope that you will be interested to know that I am moving to Wordpress and have a new blog, 13MoonsRedux.  Please come and check it out.  It will be more art focused because that is what I am heavily into at the moment.  I am part of a group of developing artists in my region of central Portugal. You can find our group blog, Art Group D'Acha here.

For the time being, I intend to just keep things as they are here on Blogger.  I never built up this blog or worked on getting a following, so doubt very much anyone will be very put out by this change.  All the old posts will stay and I don't think I will be making a full migration, preferring to keep this as a bit of personal history in mothballs,

There is something inspiring about a fresh start and I have an incentive from the group to step up my blogging to a regular schedule. Whilst art will be a main feature of 13MoonsRedux, you can expect to see posts on all the themes that have featured in WayPast13Moons.  Never having been a crowd pleaser blogger, I have only ever posted about things that reflected who I am.  Despite hiding behind my shadow, I have never been fake. I have decided the time is right to come out from the shadows.  I hope you will like the fresh, clean look of my new blog  and, if you enjoy reading my posts, you will subscribe and contribute some feedback.  Thank you to everyone that has ever expressed an interest in my take on life.

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