Sunday, 13 April 2014

Moonlight Savings Hours

Has anyone thought of moonlight savings hours?  Of turning down the power of streetlamps and general lighting, as the moon wanes?  I have no idea if this would save much power but I imagine it could.  Aside from that aspect though, wouldn't it make or psyches feel better?

I just went out into the lovely moonlight to walk the dog.  The night is balmy already, insects are vibrating the air, yet the sickly orange light from three street lamps distracts from her lovely presence.  I understand about the feeling for security that streetlight gives us, both in cities and in rural areas like mine.  If lighting can be sensitive to sunlight, I'm sure it could be to moonlight too, and when the moon is at her fullest, tiny glowlamps to mark the pathways, would be all that were needed.

Does anyone agree with this idea or, has someone already thought of it?

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Irisha said...

I love the idea!
I do use the moonlight myself. I even manage to bike in the moonlight (without a lamp)- so good it is!

And I also thought it would be really nice to use it somehow instead of the street lights but I have never come with such a good and simple solution as yours.