Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Be Brave lol

I loved the latest video from artist Donna Downey. Regardless of whether or not you are into this style of art journaling, I recommend you watch this video. If you have lost your mojo, are too afraid to just try a new idea, or forgotten how to inspire yourself, this video should be helpful to you.

As a commenter posted, "At first I thought you were sniffing something-". This is how it feels to get carried away with the joy of the moment.  Donna inspires me because she is one of that breed of video bloggers who shares her process with us. 

Effie Wild, Christy Sobelowski, Rhomany Scattergood, Patti Parish - these are a few of the names that spring to mind, who also are great at sharing their process. This is so helpful for both novices and experienced creators who have become stuck.

Anyway, try it - you may enjoy it too :D
 Inspiration Wednesday 12.11.13

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