Saturday, 28 August 2010

Post Boom Retrospective

Barragem da Marateca 002 Friends who read my previous post took from it that I found this year´s Boom Festival to be overall a negative experience.  It was far from my intention to convey this kind of message.  Positive experiences taken away from Boom, outweigh the negative irritations by about 3 to 1.  Even given the gruelling physical challenge that led to the state of my poorly feet, could not dampen the magical, loving vibrations that I have taken from Boom to keep me warm in the longer nights ahead. 

This has been my fourth consecutive Boom – both the most challenging and with the most personal gains.  The love received from fellow attendees was indescribable.  I was personally very well prepared for this one; physically, mentally and spiritually.  This preparation is key to getting the most out of the experience.  It is a very fine example of the old adage “You get back what you put into something”. 

At this point, it seems far from certain that there will be a Boom 2012 – as with other areas of life, a dark undercurrent would surely like to sweep away the party, preventing the new wave of flower children from doing their thing in peace.  Hence, elements are allowed to creep in that undermine it and create a negative image.  We must be strong against this undercurrent.  From my perspective, as a 50 something old hippy, it is vital that I continue to add my energy to such movements, speaking out when the organisers are misguided or negligent.

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