Thursday, 27 May 2010

Definitely not chocolate...

This chocolately looking confection is actually not edible. I decided to use some of my just finished calendula oil, with some of last year´s st. johns wort oil and tincture to make some hypercal cream.
I´m not very experienced with blending to make creams, and I didn´t have the correct recipe to hand (not patient either!), so I adapted another recipe and it went very strange and glupey when I added the tincture. I don´t think the recipe I used was supposed to include alcohol. The hypericum tincture coloured the mixture just like chocolate. I was not impressed, but stuck with it, experimenting and adding stuff until I finally got a soft cream which ended up in the jar. Although I managed to get into my usual kitchen mess, I do have high hopes for the healing properties that ended up in the jar and have a good feeling that it will remedy the itchy red patches that flair up on the back of my knees.

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