Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Samhain divination

Samhain greetings to you all!

I want to share with you the following tale and a little personal connection with it. Tonight, for Samhain, I felt drawn to pick a Druid Animal Card for remembrance of my mother who passed over a year ago next Sunday. I drew Swan. Placing it next to the wedding photograph of my parents on my alter, the significance for me was that Mum would prefer me to remember her as the young, beautiful and happy woman in that photograph, rather than the failing and feeble image of her in her last years.

The lwb description of the card hit me right between the eyes: "Being associated with the Druid festival time of Samhuinn (their spelling) the swan is also a bird of the threshold, and represents that part of us which can travel into the Otherworld. Drawing this card may indicate that you will receive inspiration from the Otherworld, or that love is entering your life." The books goes on further with swan tales that reference not only Samhain and the Otherworld, but also St. Kernoc - Kernow being an ancient name for Cornwall, where my mother and I both hale from.

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